The first relatively informal Scots College Snowsports Championships, which was solely for Scots boys, took place in 1995 at Perisher.


Over the next few years the Race slowly grew in competitor numbers when in 1999, the Committee embarked on some broad based marketing of the Championships, which at that stage was still only skiing events.


In 2000 Andrew Wenham, a relatively new Committee Member, with the support of the then President Robert Walton, developed a plan to change the existing event, which was still limited to Scots Families only, to a more commercial one, by allowing girls from Kambala, Ascham and SCEGGS to participate. This swelled the competitor numbers to a respectable 70 competitors at that time, but with no parents racing.


After Andrew took over as President the Committee in 2002 tried something totally different by inviting a large number of other Schools into the Event, which increased the number of competitors even further.


From 2003 onward, the Committee started marketing the Event broadly which resulted in one of the strongest years ever for competitor numbers in 2005 including novelty (although not in their eyes) race events for Parents as well.


Snowboarding events were also added and an additional Division known as Division 6 was created, catering for all children from the youngest of ages through to, and including, those in Year 2. This gave such children a wonderful opportunity to experience competition in a fun environment, but with a chance of success at an early age.


After Peter Weinert took over as President in the latter part of 2009,the promotion, marketing, style and rebranding of The Scots Race has continued at a progressive rate, with more current electronic media opportunities being taken full advantage of.


Novelty prizes for the youngest competitors, Bib and Program prizes, etc., added to the fun, family-oriented, enjoyable day that The Scots Race has become known for.


The Scots Race has remained an annual Perisher event and in 2019 it will be held on Sunday 14 July, preceding the last week of the June/July school holidays, so as to specifically provide a “warm-up” event for those competing in the Sydney and subsequent Interschools Championships.