Sunday 15 July at Perisher





In an outstandingly successful Event, the 2018 Scots Race was held in perfect conditions on a beautiful sunny day which for the first time, saw two seperate Courses for Alpine and Snowboard, which proved to be a very popular new Format particularly for the Snowboarders.

For the third year in a row entries into The Scots Race had to close early due to the significant number of competitors entering once the limits for a safe event to be run were reached, highlighting the popularity of this great Community based fun Race day.


This reaffirms the ongoing popularity of The Scots Race, and when the entries for next year open in March 2019, all competitors are urged to get their entries in early so as not to miss out! 


This year we broke last year's new record of Division 6 entries, with a total of 76 boys and girls in Years 2 and below competing in Alpine and Snowboard. 


This is a testament to the principle of this particular Division we created many years ago, as the “grass roots” foundation for children to have fun down a gentle Race Course. Competitors can navigate even in a snowplough if they want to. 


A highlight as in every other year was the Presentation of all the Medals to these enthusiastic youngsters in the presence of the Scots Lion, each one believing they had won the Race! 

The Scots Lion put on a great performance, being at the top of the Courses wishing all the young children the best of luck and giving photo opportunities, skiing down the Alpine Course after the Forerunners and then greeting the younger competitors when they arrived at the end of their runs at the bottom of the Courses. 


Special thanks go to Jack Weinert who ensured the Scots Lion was a highlight of the day!


A special mention once again to our amazing Master of Ceremonies Mr. Clive Tanner. The  Preparatory School Master in Charge of Snowsports is renowned for his ability to not only speak all day but to keep everyone, particularly the children and athletes, (not to mention their parents), in a fantastic, happy mood, feeling proud at being “interviewed” after their runs down the Alpine course. 


A brilliant job Mr. Tanner congratulations once again, you are a Legend in the annals of The Scots Race!


Not to be outdone, as this was the first year with Snowboard being run on a seperate Course, Charles Johnstone, the Snowsports Association Vice President took on the high pressure role of being the Announcer at the bottom of the Snowboard RiderCross Course, and showed an incredible amount of skill, energy and previously hidden talent that has gone close to rival Clive Tanner’s efforts on the Alpine course as MC for the day! 
His running commentary, support and encouragement of all the children as they finish their runs, promotion of our Sponsors and overall enthusiastic energy added to the enjoyment and fun of all competitors and their proud families who were watching at the end of the Snowboard Course. 

A fantastic effort Charles, you are to be congratulated on your new role for life at every Scots Race for the next couple of decades at least!


As usual every year, the Scots College Director of Snowsports Mr. Andrew Kovari, who is also the Senior School Master in Charge of Snowsports, once again risked life and limb, not to mention the regular spray of snow, by greeting and helping guide particularly the younger athletes through the safety cordon at the end of the Race.


Another great Legend of Snowsports at Scots, well done Mr. Kovari!


The Presentations were held again in The Pub Family Food Court, where the Placegetters were presented with their respective Gold, Silver or Bronze or Participation Medals.


A special mention to our respective Snowsports Captains for assisting with the medal presentations, Michael Jenkins, the 2018 Scots College Preparatory School Captain, and the Senior School Co-Captains, Hugh McAdam (Ski) and Lewis Kennedy-Hunt (Snowboard), for their assistance in presenting medals as well.


Special thanks also to Ben Sim 2010 Vancouver Cross Country Winter Olympian for his help at the Presentations, including presenting Medals to Division 6 Participation Medals recipients. 


There were some great prizes given out at the Presentations to the Youngest Male and Female Competitors in the Scots Race, Lucky Female and Male Bibs, and of course the Lucky Program Draw.


This year the Youngest Competitor in the female category was Violet Couch, and male Arthur Li, both born in born in 2013. 

Congratulations Violet and Arthur, well done!

Special thanks also to Paul Oates, The Scots College Director of Business and Operations who generously gave up his time, to present medals to the Parent competitors at the Presentations. Many thanks for your help and involvement Paul, it was hugely appreciated.

Special thanks to the Snowsports Association Committee who helped in the preparations the day before the Race and on Race day itself, and all the fantastic work they did in the lead up to these Races. With all the work they do generally, to then help out as Race Course Officials as well, is an incredible effort.


A special mention also to all the other Volunteers & Race Course Officials who did an amazing job. These are Mums and Dads who give a lot of their time and effort on the day to make the Race possible. None of you should ever think that you ever go without incredible appreciation from everyone involved in The Scots Race, thanks to you all! 


The Perisher Race Department always does a magnificent job on our behalf in setting up the Course and assisting before and during the competition, and this year was no exception. Special thanks to Ali, Ian Warrack and Hayden Bielawski for all their help with Race Organisation, timings and results.


Perisher Resort once again have been simply outstanding with their fantastic support of our Event!


While there are many who have helped over the years, and again this year, it would be remiss not to give special thanks for the fantastic assistance and co-operation we are always given by Mick Rowson, Richard Phillips, Tina Burford, Allan Rowson and, particularly Alan "Barney" Davis, without whose help we couldn't get things done we do.



It goes without saying that we couldn’t hold these Races annually without the wonderful assistance and cooperation of all our Sponsors, of which there were many this year. Without trying to be all inclusive, In particular we would like to thank our Major Sponsors:




















and many many other Sponsors, friends and supporters.


We hope we will see you all again in 2019 on Sunday 14 July in the same place, the same time but hopefully with slightly better weather conditions, but always with the same amount of FUN!!