The Volunteer Parent group that oversees Snowsports at The Scots College, is known as The Scots College Snowsports Association. The Association is a Sub-Committee of The Scots College Parents Association.

The Association comprises parent members who are financial parents of both the College and Association.

A Parent Volunteer Committee oversees the Association comprising a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, each of whom are selected by the Committee as needed from time to time, and a minimum of six other Members plus two Masters In Charge, (MICs). The Executive and MICs always comprise representatives from both the Preparatory and Senior Schools.

Aims and Objectives:

  • The Association is a non profit organisation. It is however required to raise the necessary funds to cover all costs associated with, in particular, the organisation and running of The Scots Raceannually, organise and oversee the Association Race Coaching Programs, Snowsports uniforms and equipment, organise officials and volunteers for competitions, assist the College Snowsports Development Programs, and give all necessary assistance to the MICs as far as possible.
  • To further the interests of The Scots College by bringing parents, students, staff, Old Boys and supporting persons into close co-operation while promoting Snowsports at the College.
  • To actively support the maintenance of morale amongst the Snowsports fraternity of The Scots College.
  • To assist in the provision of equipment, uniforms and facilities in connection with Snowsports, in furtherance of the objectives of The Scots College and the Snowsports Association.
  • To encourage by precedence and example, the maintenance of high standards of sportsmanship amongst all persons interested in, and involved with, Snowsports at Scots.
  • To ensure the capacity of The Scots College Snowsports athletes to become involved in Snowsports wherever possible at all levels of competition and, where relevant, both within Australia and overseas, as part of the overall development of students attending The Scots College.
  • To actively promote and develop the sport of Snowsports at The Scots College, and so encouraging the College to consider Snowsports as a full curricular sport at Scots.
  • To promote and assist in the fulfilment of the Snowsports Vision Statement as set out on Page 8 of this Handbook.