Snowsports at Scots is a Partnership between The Scots College, The Snowsports Association, College Staff, the College Management Committee and Parents and Boys at Scots.


  • The College has a Director of Snowsports and it appoints Masters in Charge (MIC’s) for both Preparatory and Senior Schools to oversee the organisation and participation of boys in Snowsports at the College. Those MIC’s are Ex-Officio Members of The Snowsports Association Executive Committee
  • The Committee’s Aims and Objectivesamongst other matters, primarily revolve around the organisation and management of the annual Scots Race, assisting the MIC’s in their Snowsports activities, organising the Association's Interschools Coaching Programs and a multitude of other Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Snowsports Association comprises Parent Volunteers.
  • The Association incurs significant costs annually to implement all it's Programs and activities, and must generate income from Membership and Administrative Fees, Sponsors support and donations, The Pre Season Party, the sale of Clothing items and Race Entry Fees in respect to The Scots Race in particular.
  • All funds raised by the Association are reinvested annually into further development and promotional opportunities, acquisition of equipment and training, and maintenance of our on-snow Club base and storage facility known as The Lions Den at Perisher.
  • Scots athletes compete annually in teams representing The Scots College in the Sydney, NSW and Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships
  • The College has enjoyed amazing success in recent years having won the Australian Male Interschools Snowsports Championship Titles for the last ten consecutive years in the Preparatory/Primary School, 2007 - 2016 inclusive, and the last nine years in the Senior School, 2008 - 2016 inclusive.
  • All boys are encouraged and given opportunities where possible to join with their friends of similar years and abilities at Scots to have a lot of fun with Snowsports and, if they wish, to compete in The Scots Race as an introduction to the fun of competing.  
  • The development pathways include both Dryland Training sessions in Sydney and on-snow Training to ensure the athletes are able to achieve to the best of their individual abilities, and to enjoy the experience of taking part in Snowsports. Most importantly, to have FUN!


At Scots we call it the FUNdamentals!!