For Snowsports at Scots to function there are significant costs that are incurred annually by The Scots College Snowsports Association.

The Association must raise sufficient revenue to cover a multitude of expenses such as uniforms and clothing, training equipment, provisions, rent and Course hire fees, support of the MICs and Teams for the Interschools Competitions, and a wide range of ancillary costs such as  printing, stationery, advertising and so on.

Some of the more significant items are:

  • Operation and Maintenance of The Lions Den 
  • Race Training Programs
  • Race Day Bibs, Banners, Programs, flags, Hire costs.
  • Trophies and Awards
  • Insurance 

To cover all these  costs we need everyones support and help. There are a range of opportunities available to those who may wish to assist to make Snowsports at Scots happen.

These include:

We welcome and encourage support and involvement from any individual, Corporation or Business that may be external to The Scots College community, and we will endeavour to promote or support any such entities in turn to the maximum of our ability.

If you wish to Contact us to discuss any involvement in any of the above areas, we would be more than pleased of course to discuss all available options.