Snowsports at Scots, as an activity, began in 1980, when Scots Teacher, Mr Andrew Kovari, a few parents and students initiated on-snow activities which evolved to the College being represented for the first time in the NSW Interschools Snowsports Competitions in 1988.


In 1997 the initial Snowsports Support Group was formed to oversee the Scots College Snowsports Championships which eventually developed into the success they currently are, and interest inSnowsports at Scots grew at a similar pace.


From the early days of small numbers, there are now annually between 400-500 competitors, of which over 100 Scots boys participate, most of whom compete in either or all of The Scots Race, Sydney, NSW State and Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships.


With the dedicated enthusiasm, support and hard work of not only the respective Snowsports Support Group Executive Committee Members and parents, led for so many years in particular byMr Andrew Wenham through to part way through 2009, and the two MIC’s, Mr Andrew Kovari and Mr Clive Tanner, Snowsports has had an ever growing influence on all who have been involved over many years. More and more boys have competed for or represented Scots in Snowsports competitions.


As competitor numbers and interest in the sport grew, the support group instigated various Race Coaching programs for both Preparatory and Senior Schools with the support of the College Community. Training programs for race course volunteers were also instigated, enabling parents to become more involved within the Interschools programs.


Peter Weinert took over as President during 2009, changing the Support Group name to The Snowsports Association, establishing the new and expanded Snowsports Website with an Online Entry system, overseeing the introduction of the Association’s Vision Statement, the annualSecondhand Clothing and Equipment Sale, the Snowsports Handbook, increased Sponsorships, an Online fundraising Silent Auction, a solid financial base, growth of Membership and increased development of The Scots Race, and promotion of Snowsports at Scots and in the broader community.


There has been increased growth in development pathways including Training both on snow and Dryland, helping prepare the boys to take part in this chosen sport on behalf of the College.


More than a decade of hard work by all Scots families and students has seen the emergence ofThe Scots College as currently the most successful male Snowsports School in Australia, with the Preparatory School having won the Australian Interschools Snowsports Male Primary Overall Champions Title ten years in a row, 2007 to 2016 inclusive and now again in 2018, and the Senior School winning the last eleven consecutive years, 2008 to 2018 inclusive.


The Scots College was awarded the title of 2016 NSW Alpine School of the Year, this Award being based on the cumulative points gained by all Scots boys in non Interschools Races, where they earn SSA and/or FIS points. The College won this previously in 2007 and 2015, and is a recognition of the fantastic efforts of the Alpine boys in particular.


The College was also the recipient of the Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA) School Club of the Year Award in 2004 and 2010, and the SSA Snowsports School of the Year Award in 2014.


As the College’s achievements in Snowsports has grown, the Scots community has continued to give increasing levels of support and assistance to Snowsports at Scots, while it cements its place in the proud history of sports successes at The Scots College.