There are two types of Snowsports Coaching Programs available at Scots. The Development Programs which is an all mountain skills acquisition program aimed at developing essential snowsports skills of boys with a view to their progressing onto race participation.  The Race Programs are aimed at preparing boys for, and improving their performance in, Interschools Championship competitions.  Both programs offer extremely good value.


The College oversees a Senior and Prep Development Squad at Perisher annually, for skiers and snowboarders.

These are not beginner programs. Boys need to have basic proficiency and generally be able to cope well with most blue/intermediate runs.

2019 PREPARATORY SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT SQUAD: 8 July – 12 July inclusive at Perisher.

2019 SENIOR SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT SQUAD: 7 July – 22 July inclusive at Perisher.


The Association organises subsidised Race Programs for skiers, snowboarders and cross-country competitors during the lead up to and weeks of relevant Interschools Championships and Introduction to Racing “Super” Saturday sessions on the day prior to the Scots Race.

In particular, the Interschools Race Squad provides boys competing in Interschools Championship races with five (5) days of intensive race preparation with dedicated race coaches providing essential continuity through the week.  This program and has been particularly successful in providing a cost effective opportunity for boys looking to improve their performance but who are not yet involved in an external full-time race program.

Apart from the Introduction to Racing “Super Saturday sessions, the Race Programs are only available for Scots students who are entered into Interschools Championships.

Participation in the morning session of the “Super” Saturday Race Clinics on the day prior to the Scots Race are mandatory for all boys competing in The Scots Race or Interschools Championship races who have not previously competed in Interschools Championship races as Scots Students, unless otherwise agreed by the TSC Acting Director of Snowsports.  Otherwise, they are open to all boys competing in Interschools or the Scots Race.

For Prep boys competing in Moguls, at least one Race Clinic mogul session is required prior to competing unless otherwise agreed by the TSC Acting Director of Snowsports.

All boys must carry or wear the Scots Snowsports ID Card at all times when participating or competing in Scots Snowsports events and activities.

All boys must wear wrist guards (approved for Snowboarding) while participating in Snowboarding in Scots Snowsports events and activities.

All instructors are Ski Schools instructors who engage the boys and focus their attention on building on their talents and safely improving their skills. 

Full details on all programs are made available at the Information Evening to be held in the Coote Theatre on the Senior Campus on 19 March and the Snowsports Website.