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The NSW Interschools Snowsports Competitions began at Blue Cow, NSW, in 1988, and was basically a competition between a few schools across the Sydney region.

The Scots College was an inaugural competitor from 1988, along with a number of other schools from across the State, which swelled competitor numbers to over 100.

As competitions developed, it evolved into a broad range of disciplines and more sophistication, with Northern, Sydney, and Southern-ACT Regions being formed. All schools across the State are now able to enter teams into the Regional Competitions, from which team qualifiers proceed to the State Championships.

The Sydney Interschools Championships traditionally are held in July of each year, the State Titlesin August, and the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships in September. The Sydneyand State Championships are held respectively in either Thredbo or Perisher, and every second year the National titles are held in either NSW or Victoria.

Interschools is team-based for students attending the same school, although individuals are able to compete when insufficient competitors are available to form a team, with the exception for the Cross Country Relay, which is a team only event. Competing schools come from both Independent and Government education sectors.

Annually in excess of 12,000 students, boys and girls, and over 300 schools commence competitions at regional levels throughout Australia with NSW Regional and State events alone attracting around 8,000 entries from some 200 metropolitan and country Schools, across seven different event disciplines, including Alpine (GS and SkierCross), Snowboard (GS and BoarderCross), Cross Country Relay and Freestyle, and Freestyle Moguls, with Slopestyle Events introduced in 2016.

The Competition is not based on age but on the Year students are in at School. At State and Australian levels there are 6 Divisions, with Interschools having embraced The Scots Race principle of a Division 6 for Years 2 and below from 2016 in some Disciplines.

Division 6 Year 2 and belowDivision 5 Years 3 and 4Division 4 Years 5 and 6Division 3 Years 7 and 8Division 2 Years 9 and 10Division 1 Years 11 and 12

The MICs and The Snowsports Association place huge emphasis on all boys having fun with their involvement and participation within the initial Sydney Championships. As the competition moves onto State and National events, the level of competition and degree of difficulty, naturally increases proportionately.

Since entering Interschools competitions, the Scots Preparatory School has won 25 Sydney, 15 State and 11 Australian National Championships (2007-2016 incl. and 2018) and the Senior Schoolhas won 19 Sydney, 17 State and 11 Australian National Championships (2008-2018 incl.).

The Snowsports Interschools competition is one of the single biggest school sporting competitions in Australia. It attracts thousands of competitors from as young as 5 years of age through to 19, and together with parents and school communities brings everyone together in the Snowy Mountains for weeks of FUN, INVOLVEMENT, PARTICIPATION, COMPETITION AND REWARD!