End of an Era - Start of a new one!

Published on: Wednesday 17th January 2018

After 9 years as President of The Snowsports Association, Peter Weinert stepped down from this position at the end of 2017. 

Signalling the end of an era for Snowsports at Scots, with Peter and his wife Anita’s eldest son Jack having completed Year 12 in 2016, and their younger son Tom going into Year 10 in 2018, he felt it an opportune time to hand the reins to another Committee member to start a new era in Snowsports at the College. 
He was therefore absolutely delighted that existing Committee member Rob Mead, having been chosen by the Snowsports Committee with Peter’s full support, agreed to take over as President from 2018. 
When Peter first joined the Committee in 2007, it was also the first year that Scots won its first ever Australian Overall Male National Champions Title, with the Preparatory School winning at Falls Creek that year, which signalled the beginning of 10 years in a row as National Champions for the Preparatory School.

The following year, 2008, the Senior School won its first Overall Australian Champions Title, also completing ten consecutive years as Overall Champions in 2017, an unprecedented era of success for The Scots College in Snowsports. 
Whilst Peter has been fortunate to have had a series of amazing Committees through to the current 2018 Executive, he has no doubt that the success achieved over all these years was due to the combined incredible team efforts involving all the amazing Snowsports athletes who have past through the College over the years, as part of the incredible Journey available to Snowsports athletes at Scots.

From the Development Programs organised by the Preparatory and Senior School Masters in Charge, Mr Clive Tanner and Mr Andrew Kovari, the Principal Dr. Ian Lambert and Head of the Preparatory School Mr. John Crerar and the whole Scots College Community, through to the incredible Snowsports Academy, and all have played a part in maintaining the high levels of excellence in Snowsports during this period. 

Whilst there have been a huge number of advancements in Snowsports at Scots over the last eleven years under the tutelage of Peter Weinert, he has absolutely no doubt that it will merely be a platform upon which Rob Mead, Charles Johnstone as Vice President and the other members of the Executive will be able to consolidate and move on to even greater levels of achievement, and will continue to grow this great Sport at Scots.
Peter has agreed to stay on the Committee during the 2018, completing his twelfth year on the Executive, to help with the transition to the new Leadership group. 

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