Peter Weinert Rising Star Awards Announced

Published on: Monday 12th February 2018
Rob Mead, President of The Scots College Snowsports Association, has announced the new Peter Weinert Rising Star Awards from 2018! 

At the final End of Season Cocktail Party and Year Wrap-Up in 2017, Rob announced that these Perpetual Awards were created for both Preparatory and Senior School boys in recognition of the outstanding service and contribution to Snowsports at Scots that Peter Weinert made over a decade as both a Committee Member and President of the Snowsports Association.

The Preparatory and Senior School Recipients will be chosen using criteria established by the Snowsports Committee and the MICs, measuring improvements in individual performance and contributions to team results.

The Recipients will have been deemed to have committed extensive time, effort and passion towards improving their on-snow performance across any discipline throughout the season.

The Awards also recognise the importance of every individual team member’s contribution to the overall Scots team results. 

These Awards will be presented for the first time after the 2018 Season. 

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