Message from the Association President - Mr. Robert Mead

Published on: Tuesday 15th January 2019

Snowsports at Scots has evolved since the early 1980’s into a significant and major Sport at The Scots College, with an outstanding history of achievement and excellence at the highest levels of Snowsports in Australia.

As documented elsewhere, for any School or College, Male, Female or Co-Ed, to have been able to maintain such consistent success over such a long periodas Overall Male Australian Snowsports Champions, are achievements that are going to be extremely hard for any other College or School to emulate, let alone surpass. Success in sport is not only measured by results, but also by levels of participation which continues to grow strongly at Scots every year.

All associated not only with Snowsports at Scots but The Scots College, including the Parent Community and Staff, should all feel justifiably proud of these achievements.

Success does not come easily, there is an unbelievable amount of planning, hard work, commitment, passion and sacrifice necessary by the boys who compete in Snowsports and their families. The Masters in Charge of Snowsports at Scots, the Snowsports Association and all the Senior College Staff including the Principal, Dr. Ian Lambert and Head of The Preparatory School, Mr. John Crerar, all contribute in some way to the achievements of the boys.

The ongoing success of The Snowsports Academy has also become a major factor, and provides a terrific foundation for many boys to be able to live their dream by combining Academic work and Sport, in a controlled, but exceptionally hard working environment.

All Scots Snowsports athletes put in so much effort that we as parents can do nothing more than just watch in awe at their commitment, from an extremely early age through to and including Year 12, it is simply incredible. 

I hope that all new families to Scots in 2017 who have any interest at all in Snowsports, will take the opportunity to enter their son, or sons, into at least The Scots Race, which is the largest family, fun oriented individual race on a dual Course on a single day for boys and girls from any School or College in Alpine and Snowboard events, in the Southern Hemisphere. I strongly encourage such families to join in the fun, and experience the enormous pride of watching your boys race down a gentle slope at Perisher, even if in a snowplough!

To all those new and continuing families, I welcome and encourage you and your sons to enjoy this wonderful Snowsports journey with us, and hope that, regardless of any successes or failures during the year, you all have a lot of Fun!


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