There are two areas you are able to enter here depending on whether you are part of either the Scots or Non Scots community.


The Scots Community includes all students of The Scots College, their Parents, Guardians and/or Carers, Members of the College Staff and Council and others who may have access to the Scots Community via Schoolbox Username and Password.


The Scots Community area specifically details many aspects of Snowsports at Scots which are not relevant to Non Scots people such as Membership, Training Programs, Clothing and Uniforms, the Lions Den at Perisher which is a Scots Snowsports Members facility, and so on.


To avoid any possibility of incorrect entries or Applications being made, the Scots Community area is Password protected.

To enter the Scots Community the Username and Password for Schoolbox must be used.

If you are part of the Scots Community and for any reason you are unable to access the Site using your Schoolbox details, please contact either the Association at or the College IT Department for assistance.


For the Non Scots Community just click on the title on the right hand side above following which you will be able to obtain information about the Race and also you will see the links to actually then enter either for single or multiple entries, the Scots Race.

It is important to note that while we stongly encourage Parents to compete in the Race, it is only open to those who have chlidren competing in it on the same day, no matter from which School, unless you are a Scots Old Boy, in which case you may still compete.